Link Brazil Global Sourcing Consulting
Created for the purpose of guiding and assisting companies seeking competitive advantage in their processes.

Professionals with extensive experience in negotiation and a correspondents network in 20 countries, we offer services geared to international trade business.

We present solutions based on ethical principles and truly strategic vision, aiming to reduce cost to customers’ production operations , and real commercial competitive products. 

To Foreing Companies
- Brazilian Market research
- Brazilian Customer identification 
- Full suport on participation on trade fairs in Brazil
- Organization of business meetings and scheduled visits
- Developing sales teams and distributors
- Consulting on the Brazilian Legislation, regulations and bureaucratic requirements
- Monitoring the process of importing or exporting
- representative offices in 20 countries

To Non-Profit Business Associations
We know the assistance service of these organizations, directors and managers personal efforts to develop good business opportunities for members and clients.

We offer our services to enhance these results, this time also getting in touch with Brazilian companies and Brazilian Marketing, developing a partnership of trust and success on deals for buying or for selling products.

We can also assist your organization on:
- full support for reception of business groups and business missions;
- full support to companies interessed on being part on some Brazilian Trade fair.

phone: 55 11 34590856

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